At the times cherries … in TASMANIA !

Safe Haven…

Hiver glacial

Tasmania, often compared with New Zealand by globetrotters, is located in south-east Australia (200 km).

Au pays des kangourous

Thus national parks, wild lands, relatively cold temperatures (icy in winter!), Represent for us the “little haven of peace” in the land of Kangaroos.

Far from the major cities of the continent, it keeps a very picturesque islander character by its “natural and mountainous” asset. Fauna and flora preserved, as rarely on the globe, I think …

More than a third of the state is classified as nature reserves by UNESCO

Favorite destination for backpackers !

This is my second trip during these two Australian years … this time with the idea of ​​working on it. Indeed, it is the favorite and privileged destination of cherry pickers for the cherry season !

Cueillette des cerises

By ferry or plane, many backpackers join Tasmania to participate in this harvest from December to February.

This picking of cherries is very famous by locals but especially by travelers who can work then legally in the territory.

Picking cherries … the must as a job on the farm!

We get what we call the Eldorado “farm jobs”! it is true that it is a fruitful work … in every sense of the word … even juicy! 😉 Besides the wages become (finally …) reasonable in relation to the price of the basket.
Like all performance work, “faster is done”, plus the accumulation of boxes operates.
Temps des cerises

At the end of the day, the count is established to know approximately the amount obtained in dollars (up to 200 or 300 dollars … huge, no?) …
Do not trust! The government (taxes) does not make gifts and sugar (to keep the fruit registry …) not bad the financial side! Sniff …

Ambience assured
Rando Freycinet

Friendships are being formed … projects are flourishing … exchanges are going well. The “accommodations” rented at the place of our work (low price) gather around this good atmosphere !

Thus hiking (Freycinet National Park to name just one …! Wineglass, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, “cherry” on the cake … lol), festival or concert punctuate the season and alternate with our daily “at the time cherries“.

Text of Maëlle et Elise.

Translated by Mickaëlle.




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