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Sandrine Plante-Rougeol

Sculpture by Sandrine Plante-Rougeol

Meet Sandrine Plante-Rougeol For the first time, familyevasion interviewed an artist, Sandrine Plante-Rougeol, from a distance. Striking sculptures and moving sharing through a few answers given.  The Memory wants to be on the way, founder of that which is built …  Freeze on images and breathe on the words. What was your background before sculpture […]

Preparations before leaving for Japan

Preparations before leaving Here is a brief article that reviews preparations “before leaving for Japan”.  Even if we had approached this theme, here is the practical side because we are in the Japanese capital since this morning ! So some little tricks can alleviate the legitimate tiredness after 12 hours of plane from Paris. Passport or […]

Soir Atlanta

Atlanta City, Stop Please !

Capital of the state of Georgia … Atlanta city… Crucial location of the civil rights movement in 1960 … Bloody 1996 Olympic Games … The city is discovered in the footsteps, interesting by its many historical and cultural aspects. Focus on its economic parameter Atlanta Airport: the largest connecting platform in the world (1,000 flights […]

Coq Morne Cabri

Morne Cabri or the whispering walls

Morne Cabri… Today the health trail, Morne Cabri welcomes many walkers or athletes for a specific health program. Yet the historical legacy of this ancient island is unknown …   Nautical base for the youngest, reserve of crabs for the Easter “matoutou”, but also hunting plan in the Bay of Genipa. The 1,700-meter course winds […]

Cerises Tasmanie

At the times cherries … in TASMANIA !

Safe Haven… Tasmania, often compared with New Zealand by globetrotters, is located in south-east Australia (200 km). Thus national parks, wild lands, relatively cold temperatures (icy in winter!), Represent for us the “little haven of peace” in the land of Kangaroos. Far from the major cities of the continent, it keeps a very picturesque islander […]

4X4 life backpackers

Backpacker Life (english version)

To you who only thinks of leaving …  Translated by Mickaëlle.    Have you ever felt the desire or the need to discover new horizons, new cultures, new personal challenges …? Have you ever dreamed of backpack escape and strapped walking shoes …   The “backpacker life” more commonly translated by the “life of the backpacker” […]